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Stephen P. Murray’s Immense Contribution to the Growth of CCMP Capital

CCMP Capital is one of the leading private equity investment firms in the United States. Its main focus in the investment sector is the concentration in the growth of capital and leveraged buyouts. The firm has tremendously grown over a period of up to three decades under the leadership of one of the towering figures who have helped it significantly grow. At the beginning, CCMP was founded as Chemical Venture Partners way back in 1984 and served as the private equity branch of Chemical Bank. In 1996 after successful engagements with other notable business men it changed its name to Chase Capital Partners. Eventually after a successful acquisition it changed again to JP Morgan Partners and later as CCMP in 2006. The success of the partners of the firm has made it to be ranked as one of the largest and most successful private equity fund firm in the world and has shaped private equity investing in the United States.

One of the notable figures  on Wall Street who has received considerable praise for significantly contributing to the growth of CCMP is Stephen P. Murray. He was an intelligent and astute business man and a philanthropist. He was a former graduate of the Boston College where he graduated with a degree in Economics in 1984. Before to his unfortunate demise, he acted as the President and at the same time Chief Executive Officer of CCMP Capital. His experience and expertise in investment and economics has made him sit as the one of the board of directors of major blue chip companies in the United States of America and significantly contributing to their growth.

Just a month after leaving CCMP Capital citing health related concerns, the CEO of the private equity investment firm passed on. This was in deed a sad period for the staff of Stephen Murray CCMP Capital who had worked with him for close to three decades. It was also a big loss for the business community as it had lost one of the towering figures in the American business community who had significantly contributed to the development of private equity investments in the United States.

Apart from his life at CCMP and business generally, he also actively participated in many philanthropic activities throughout the years. His presence in giving back to the community has helped shaping the lives of many young people. Stephen P. Murray CCMP Capital was passionate about education and his help has largely been in this sector. His notable philanthropic activities include his unwavering support for the many universities in the United States including Columbia Business School and his Alma Mata Boston College among others. Since education is one of the ways that help a nation develop, his efforts towards improving this sector have been successful.

George Soros; Funding Change

And in what came as a surprise to many Americans, George Soros gave a little over half a million dollars to John Kasich’s campaign. Kasich’s fund, New Day for America, received the funds from two managers affiliated with Soros’ fund according to records from the FEC. This is according to an article that originally appeared on the NY Books.
George Soros has expressed his distaste as reported on Latino Fox News with the proposed increased border security measure that other GOP candidates (Cruz and Trump) have advocated for. Kasich, on the other hand, has presented himself as a moderate and conservative candidate has for the most of the race been an underdog, and it has been a surprise to many that he hasn’t pulled out of the race. Soros has a number of organizations that he has setup or backed to support far-left policies.

Forbes billionaire George Soros is an American investor and hedge fund manager based in New York City. He is of Hungarian descent and is the founder and Chairman of Soros Fund Management. He moved to England to study at the London School of Economics where he graduated with a Bachelors degree and three years after that earned a Masters degree in Philosophy. After school, it was hard for him to get a job and so he had to work as a waiter and as a porter at the railway. He wrote letters to some merchant traders, and only a few of them responded to his request and eventually was hired at Singer and Friedlander bank. He moved to the US after a colleague referred him to his father’s company and Soros took the job at F.M Mayer as an arbitrage trader. He worked at a number of other companies all the while developing his theories on reflexivity in the market which influence his trading. He founded a number of funds before the Soros Fund, which he started in 1970, such as Double Eagle, which is known as the Quantum Fund today. The two funds have had relative success with the latter being described as one of the most investor-friendly and successful hedge funds to date according to

Mr. Soros has not been limited to investing in the stock market only; he has also pursued a number of investments in the sports industry. He has been linked with parties interested in purchasing a number of sports franchises such as the Washington Nationals and Italian football team, AS Roma. Mr. Soros also owns Class A shares of English football team, Manchester United. Philanthropy is close to Mr. Soros’ heart, and he has supported a number of causes around the world with a relatively huge amount of his wealth. He has funded a number of education projects such as the Central European University and to a couple of Russian universities so that they could upgrade their internet infrastructure. Through the Open Society Foundation, he has worked to eradicate poverty in Africa and to sensitize against violence in former Soviet states. Mr. Soros is also a distinguished author and has a number of books to his name such as Open Society: Reforming Global Capitalism.

George Soros Helps to Get Out the Latino Vote


The New York Times just featured a story on George Soros and his incredible $5 million investment in getting out the Latino vote for the upcoming election. Soros’ support comes alongside other liberal investors, who are taking an active role to do as much as they can to prevent Donald Trump from winning the GOP nomination and ultimately the presidential race. The donations are being funneled through a super PAC called Immigrant Voters Win PAC. The ultimate goal of all of this voter outreach is to get 400,000 Democratic voters or more to the polls in November. Soros has specifically spoken out against Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant campaign message and hopes that these efforts protect the interests of immigrant voters and ultimately result in them showing up to cast a vote against Trump in the presidential election. Specifically, it was Trumps anti-immigrant rhetoric which Soros perceived as cause for alarm and caused him to spring into action to mount a defense against the Trump campaign’s surging poll numbers.

There is widespread hope that Latino voters could make a real difference in this election in turning the tide against Trump. George Soros and other super PAC donors are faced with the challenge of overcoming general disillusionment among Latinos with the Obama administration’s perceived lack of achievement on immigration issues. Still, Soros and other donors are hopeful that Latinos will rally to support a candidate that will take immigration issues more seriously than Trump.

Soros has his own compelling story as a successful immigrant to this country. He left Hungary in 1947 and traveled to England while the Soviet forces dominated the country. He had also survived Nazi occupation throughout World War II. While in England, Soros began his studies at the London School of Economics. After graduating, Soros came to the United States to begin his professional life.

Soros made his mark through his establishment and remarkably successful management of an international investment fund. Ever since early in his career, Soros has been committed to supporting and donating to philanthropic causes. For example, in 1979, Soros assisted black students during part of the height of the apartheid regime in South Africa by providing them financial assistance to study at Cape Town University. Much of Soros’ philanthropic ventures have been through his organization, Open Society, which was founded in 1979. Soros is committed to raising awareness about international human rights issues, which he has publicly spoken about having an obligation to bring awareness to and try to help solve, given his amazing financial success and wealth of resources to fight the good fight, so to say. Soros has written 14 books and is a best-selling author on the topics of investment, globalization, economics and a wide variety of international issues.

Funding of Pearl Harbor’s Lone Sailor Statue by the U.S. Money Reserve

December 7, 1941 is a date that forever lives in the memories of American citizens. The loss of innocent lives in Pearl Harbor led many citizens to join the Navy to bring peace and protect their nation.

The lone sailor statue

To honor the 75th Pearl Harbor anniversary, the U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation and the U.S. Money Reserve will set an iconic lone sailor statue at the site.

The lone sailor is meant to honor men and women in the sea service who selflessly put their lives at risk in the past, present and future to protect people’s freedom. It depicts an embodiment of core values of the maritime strength which are honor, respect and devotion to duty.

According to the original Yahoo article, the bronze statue contains two pieces; a 7 feet sailor who weighs about 1000lbs and his sea bag and cleat weighing 700lbs ( Stanley Bleifeld, the official USNMF sculptor will create the statue.

To fund the statue reported, the US Money Reserve posted on twitter that it donates the sales made from the purchase of their 75th Anniversary Pearl Harbor coins. For every 75th Anniversary coin sold, the USMR will donate $5 to USNMF to fund the statue. This campaign will stop around 28th February 2021. The USNMF CEO described the coin as a representation of an important inflection point in the nation’s history and a remembrance of the “greatest generation who went on to win this war.”

The U.S. Money Reserve

US Money Reserve was founded in 2001 and is now a leading gold, silver and platinum private distributor. Many people rely on USMR to diversify their assets through the U.S. gold and silver coins. It is based in Austin, Texas.

The U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation

The USNMF located on Pennsylvania Avenue provides a living tribute to people in the navy service and offers them a place to meet and celebrate their honor and service.

European Union needs fixing because of Syria, says Soros; he promoted the principles of an open society

What does George Soros, a financier worth billions, mean when he says that Europe is on the verge of collapsing? Is it due to the migration management issue, where more than a million migrants have come in troves to Europe in 2015? Soros criticism of German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been well documented, mainly pointed at her drastic change in leadership on Europe’s migration crisis. It was Merkel who originally said that Europe was on the verge of collapse. And what is causing this massive migration? One word: Syria.
What does that mean? George Soros praised the chancellor before she stuck her neck out and resisted the aggression in Russia. It was Chancellor Merkel who understood – according to Soros – that the migration crisis would mean a breakdown of the Schengen system (which is a large IT system that collects, processes and shares information consistent with external border management) – and undermining Europe’s common market. Merkel’s leadership style, says Soros, is making the public nervous. Whereas Merkel’s leadership style used to show her as being “cautious and deliberate,” now because of the migration process, she is viewed as impulsive and a big risk taker.

European leaders should have taken a lesson from the Greek crisis, when that country stumbled through multiple crisis’ whereas Europe’s crisis’ are already at five or six. There were the terrorists attacks I Paris in November 2015, where there were 128 casualties.

Soros says the European Union and its potential collapse was once a prediction that has now come to be reality. But the destruction of the European Union is not beyond being fixable, he says. It is the Germans who can keep Merkel’s very prediction of the Europe collapse from actually coming to fruition.

But when Soros opinion came out public, Alex Stubb, finance minister for Finland called the European collapse “free movement of money” and the Germany’s migrant policy was open and humane and that it is the fundamental freedoms of the European Union that are threatened. It is all about the free movement of people and the agreement in the Schengen system.
According to Soros, the Germans are the dominant powers in Europe and will they accept both liability and responsibility of migrants pouring into Europe. Both the Germans and Merkel have reached a level of hegemony (preponderant influence or authority over others).

Merkel’s decisions hinged a lot on German public opinion, says Soros, especially the banking system of Europe going down the tubes and not being saved. The tragedy of the European Union could have turned out a lot differently had Merkel sought to change German public opinion and not trailed behind it. That is basically how Merkel has remained the chancellor for a decade because of her drive to satisfy German public opinion, garnering her support from Europeans and the national interest of Germany.

Soros, who supports an open society, does so, he says, because as a Jewish citizen, he made it through the Holocaust while Merkel grew up in East Germany under communism. So what makes Europe oppose so much the entry of these migrants?

Soros says that there is not a strong foundation promoting open society principles in the European nation. Europe has always exemplified to Soros the principles of an open society.