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Wikipedia: Where People Go To Get Online Answers

The popularity of Wikipedia is growing by leaps and bounds literally every minute. Anybody can edit the information on the page so it can see a ton of traffic in a day. This was the case for Leonardo Dicaprio’s Wiki page after he had accepted his very first ever Oscar Award for his role in the new movie ‘The Revenant.’ One of his apparent fans went to the extreme, updating his Wikipedia page with numerous praises for the actor’s skill set. The most notable being the phrase ‘FINALLY HAS A GODDAMNED OSCAR’ being plastered all over the edit.

Needless to say, Leo is going to need somebody to get in there and put a deep clean on his latest Wiki update. The latest edit will surely not garner any positive press for the newly awarded Oscar owner. After having been denied the award for many years now, the last thing the high caliber actor needs is a Wikipedia page that reads like an excited angry fan rant. It would hardly tarnish the stars shine, but it’s ugly just being there, none-the-less. 

Which brings us to the point here. Hiring Wiki experts from a Wikipedia editing service can be a real life saver when it comes to one’s online image. It has quickly become the site that has the answers you need. With this in mind, it stands to reason that you want the best for the job to do your page editing. Building a strong personal brand for yours or your company’s image is paramount. In the digital age we find ourselves in, it can change overnight. Making sure that you have a pro on the job when your page needs a proper edit can be a life-saver. Anyone can update the page, but you wouldn’t hire just anybody to build your business, would you?

For your business or personal image, consider hiring professional Wiki writers to edit your page. They have the know how and the researching skills to make a proper edit that will give the right impression. Why would you guess, when you can make sure it’s done the right way? For the top tiered Wikipedia writers in the business, you can count on Get Your Wiki for the best edits around. For all of the information you need click the link here.

Securus Technologies Connects Thousands of Inmates with Their Families

Securus vice president of marketing and strategy Mr. Russell Roberts explained how Securus found a new option for the communication of families with their incarcerated relatives. Normally many people have to travel to prison and make long queues o talk with their loved ones. At times, the mile long journey is not fruitful because one could arrive when the visit time is over. The rigidity in prison is tough such that a person cannot call anytime to ask for communication with a friend in prison. All these issues in consideration led o the launching of a video call communication app in many prisons. The application has helped eliminate the rigidity in many prisons because ones a person downloads the application he. She can synchronize it with their calendar and continue receiving notification for scheduled video calls.

Thousands of inmates have reconnected with their families and families have reconnected through the new video visitation app. Downloading the application is free and easy as it is found in the Google play store for Androids and in the app store for Apple devices. Important family moments can be a reality now for many prisoners who lost hope of ever rejoining their families. 65000 downloads have been recorded for the inmate communication app. More people will have the ability to participate together with their incarcerated loved ones in sporting events, birthdays, weddings and other great family memories. The person with the app can dictate what time is convenient for the video inmate phone calls when they receive the notification.

Securus Technologies is the ultimate company that has been purposed to reconnect what matters like now inmates to their families and friends, reconnecting inmates with technology, reconnecting correctional agencies with important information on the criminal investigation and also connecting emergency responders with those who need emergency help and security. Also, to their services, Securus Technologies ensures that important information about public safety is properly handled promoting the safety of all persons in the world. The company has the required experience in handling public safety since it has been operational for more than 30 years. Many prisons are their beneficiaries.

Securus Technologies is situated in Dallas Texas and has had the ability to handle 3450 correction agencies and served more than 1,200,000 prisoners in the northern parts of America. Back then inmates were even dying when in correction centers, but Securus technological advancements have made inmates feel free to self-service while in jail. The company is one of its kinds and is using the best strategy to promote security in many regions of the world.

To get help with any of their products or services, contact their customer service team:

I Choose Beneful For My Dog Every Time

If you take pride in staying informed on your purchases, then you should do your research into what types of dog foods to feed your dog. Dogs need a well balanced diet because most dogs have highly energetic lifestyles. Most dogs like to run and play. They are always active throughout the day, watching over the house while the owner is away at work. Your dog will find a more enjoyable life if you take some pride in what you are putting in the dog dish. Premium pet foods tend to have a lot more to offer pets in terms of nutrition and quality of ingredients.

Beneful Premium Dog Food

Out of all the dog foods and premium dog foods on the market, I chose to feed my pooch Beneful because I believe in what the company is doing when they make their products. I trust that Beneful is putting their best foot forward when they make the best dog food imaginable. They use high quality ingredients in their dog foods that don’t even compare to what the cheap brands use. The cheap brands should be taken off the shelves and thrown into the garbage. I would never feed that rubbish to my dog. Even if the pet store was out of Beneful, I would rather get in my car and drive across the county to go to another pet store before I buy cheap food for my dog.

I believe that feeding your dog a healthy food, like Purinastore’s Beneful, will prolong your dog’s life. It makes my dog so much more active and fun to be around. I get her Beneful Chopped Blends because it looks the best. It has huge chunks of meat and vegetables mixed in with the rice. Beneful provides a great nutritious choice.



Top Plastic Surgery Gurus In Texas

Plastic surgery isn’t just for socialites who want a quick tummy tuck or a nose job, the field of aesthetic surgery now spans to breast cancer survivors who need breast augmentations or burn patients who require a special skin graft to cover their scars. With the field of medicine being one of the most prestigious and perfectionist-centered jobs its a high honor to be considered a top doctor especially in the surgical field. Prestigious doctors like Denton Watumull, Vasdev Rai, Bardia Amirlak, and Jennifer Walden are among the top ranked plastic surgeons in Texas. All four of these board certified surgeons have years of experience and a well rounded knowledge in the field of aesthetic surgery, however Walden is one of the top female surgeons known throughout the country.

Jennifer Walden M.D. is a Texas native who now runs her own private cosmetic surgery center located in Austin, Texas with a second satellite office in her home town of Marble Falls. Walden graduated from The University of Texas with an undergraduate degree in biology and then attended medical school at the University of Texas Medical Branch. She graduated as salutatorian of her class and continued her medical career through her internship and residential years. She landed a highly sought after fellowship position at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat hospital where she worked under noted surgeon Dr. Sherrel Aston. Following her completion of her fellowship Walden stayed in New York for nearly eight years until moving back to Texas.

Not only is Walden a board certified surgeon she co-authored a book on plastic surgery that had massive success, and she’s also published various articles in medical journals about advancing techniques and research in aesthetic surgery. Walden has appeared on many TV networks like Fox News, ABC, and VH1 as a guest to discuss current medical advancements in plastic surgery as well as well give advice to those thinking of going under the knife. Walden is also a prominent member of many surgical boards, and was elected one of few women to serve on the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

The Former Owner of Atlanta Hawks And Businessman Bruce Levenson.

It is rare to find a someone with a deep passion for a sport like Bruce Levenson. He is not only a big fan of basketball but was also a player for some time in his energetic days. Due to his love for basketball, he went on to purchase the Atlanta Hawks, an NBA team in 2004. He co-owned the team with other partners. He also owned the Philips Arena. Bruce Levenson was the managing partner and the governor representing Atlanta Hawks on the NBA Board from 2004. In 2014, Bruce Levenson sold his shares in Atlanta Hawks and quit the team.

Bruce Levenson’s star in his business career started shining in 1977 when he and Ed Peskowitz co-founded United Communications Group (UCG). This company is located in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Over the years, it has grown from being a start up in Levenson’s apartment to a world class information company. The first jobs this company got were like writing newsletters on Oil Express, about the oil industry. As time passed, the company grew and launched its own databases like the Oil Price Information Service (OPIS). Now UCG is a world class private business information firm. Its specialization includes fields like data, news, and analysis for healthcare, energy, mortgage banking, technology, telecommunications and many other industries. The UCG owns and runs a mobile application that helps drivers locate affordable gas stations called GasBuddy.

Bruce Levenson was born in October 1949 of Jewish parents in Washington, D.C. He spent his childhood in Chevy Chase, Maryland. After college at Washington University in St. Louis, he joined American University as a law student and later graduated. During his time at law school, Bruce Levenson began his journalism career as a writer on the Washington Star. Bruce Levenson is currently married to Karen and blessed with three sons.

Bruce Levenson and his wife Karen also actively participate in various charities. Their philanthropy has been spread far and wide. Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson has donated to organizations like Community Foundation of Washington, D.C. and Hoop Dreams Foundation. Bruce Levenson has also founded U.S. Holocaust Museum, which he also donates to. He also donates to Museum’s Bringing the Lessons Home program. These two charities work together to teach lessons of the Holocaust and tour guide in the Museum to city students. Bruce Levenson also works with his mother-in-law who survived the Holocaust to educate people about it. He is also a major donor to SEED Foundation and Seeds of Peace that spread the message of love.

Bruce Levenson was also an adviser for BIA Digital Partners, a firm that deals in buying and selling of private equities. He has also served on the Board of Directors of the Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association (NEPA) for some time and is known to have brought big changes to the industry.



Eucatex Is Actively Helping Brazil Prepare To Welcome The World

Brazil is a nation teeming with growth that has been sparked by the World Cup and the Olympics. The two largest sporting events in the world will be held in Brazil within two years of each other, and the country has much to do to prepare. The whole world will turn up for the Olympics, and development is the key to impressing global visitors. Eucatex is one of the largest construction suppliers in the world, and the company is helping Brazil grow with an ever-expanding list of supplies. This article explains how Eucatex is growing with Brazil under the new leadership provided by Flavio Maluf.

#!: Why Grow Even More?

Eucatex is quite an expansive company that has been providing construction supplies and paints to Brazilian industry for quite some time, and the country is using as much of the Eucatex line as possible to build stadiums, retail units, housing and commercial projects. Construction is happening all over the country, and Flavio Maluf has been involved in every part of the growth process as the CEO of Eucatex.

#2: Who Is Flavio Maluf?

Flavio Maluf is the next man in line to lead the Eucatex empire, and he has come back to the family to help lead it into the future. He is someone who went to school with an eye on helping run his family’s business, but he had the wisdom to work in the business world before coming home. Flavio worked for large banks in Brazil before he came back to work for the family business.

#3: Why Is Flavio’s Leadership Important?

LinkedIn indicates that Flavio’s leadership is very important to a company that wants to compete in the new century. Flavio has an engineering degree that qualifies him to work directly with the people in every plant creating Eucatex products, and he has pushed for better products that the public would use. Retail sales for Eucatex products have risen quite a lot, and Flavio is willing to make changes to the family business to compete with much larger retail outlets.

Flavio Maluf is the perfect leader for the family company that is actively participating with the growth in Brazil. The Brazilian nation is working on developing itself for the world to visit during the Olympics, and there are many projects around the country where Eucatex’s involvement is obvious. Eucatex has become a company that is responsible for the rebirth of an entire nation.  Check out his thoughts on the Pfizer merger if you want to see what Flavio Maluf does outside his time with Eucatex.

Help Ross Abelow Raise $5,000 for Homeless Animals

There are many individuals who are concerned about homeless animals in the New York area. Life is difficult for homeless animals during any time of the year. However, it is especially difficult for them during the winter months. Animals can even die when the temperatures drop drastically low. Fortunately, there are many people out there who are trying to do something about this problem. Ross Abelow is one such individual. He would like to raise $5,000 to donate to local animal shelters. The money that is raised will help to get homeless animals off the streets and into shelters. They will be given food and medicine.

Individuals can donate to this cause online. Ross Abelow has set up a Go Fund Me fundraising account where individuals can donate.

Ross Abelow has more than 20 years of experience as a lawyer in the New York City area. He graduated from the Brooklyn Law school in 1989. The following year,he became licensed to practice law in New York State. The vast majority of his time as a lawyer is centered on helping families. He specializes in matrimonial and family law. He has worked hard to defend his clients in a wide variety of family cases. Also, he does a little bit of work in commercial litigation and also in entertainment law. After more than 26 years of defending clients in various cases, he and his partner opened Abelow & Cassandro, Llp.

Ross Abelow has a special interest in writing. He writes a personal blog that touches on various legal and financial issues. He also creates blogs that are posted on popular blog sites, like Crown Point New York. He keeps up with fans and other interested individuals using Mashable and Facebook.

Information about donating to the cause of helping homeless animals in New York can be found at the website set up for Go Fund Me. All an individual needs to do is find the website, and then they can search for the name Ross Abelow. They will then be directed to the page that explains more about the fund and will see how they can donate. The $5,000 that is donated to this cause will help homeless animals during these cold winter months, and it will also benefit them in the future as more and more homeless animals are placed in shelters and then eventually in a permanent home.

Ross Abelow Starts Winter Fundraiser

NY City attorney Ross Abelow has started a fundraiser that would greatly benefit animals living in the city. The fundraiser went live on January 13th and Ross Abelow hopes to raise $5,000 so that the animal shelters in NYC can get some much needed funds and help the animals living on the streets. Apart from vulnerable and homeless animals’ food requirements, this fundraiser would also be helping these animal shelters cater to the medical requirements of these animals. Blankets would be provided to ensure that the falling temperatures do not become fatal to street living animals this year.

The temperature drops during winter are quite drastic in NYC. Because animal shelters only have so much space, they are unable to help every animal they find on the street. Unlike normal weather, these animals find it extremely hard to survive the falling temperature during the winter months because it is difficult to cope without blankets and shelter. Animal deaths also rise during these months because of this reason. With the funds raised by the fundraiser, Ross Abelow hopes to bring down these sad statistics and ensure that the capacity of shelters increases.

Most people know Ross Abelow as the NYC lawyer and his career started way back in 1990. His undergrad was finished in New York State University and he has been a resident of NYC for a long time now. When he finished his graduation, he joined Brooklyn Law School and finished his law degree there in 1989, graduating with flying colors. Since that time, his specialization has been on families. Ross Abelow deals in cases of family law and matrimony, and he also has experience in commercial litigation and entertainment law. His law firm, Abelow & Cassandro LLP is where he is also a partner and that is how his long career spanning over 26 years culminated.

He is also a blogger and when he is free from work, he writes for Crown Point New York and people can visit the blog to read his insightful articles. His personal blog, however, is quite educational in nature. He writes about various issues, ranging from his work in the field of legal issues to financial topics. He can also be found on Mashable and Facebook, and he is quite active on these sites.

The fundraiser can be supported on the website of GoFundMe at and for people who have any questions, Ross Abelow would be answering them via the site.

Scientists and the Possible Prevention of Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia and the Genetic Discovery
The story of the schizophrenia discovery was reported on Reddit. Scientists have discovered information regarding a molecular process within the brain that may help to trigger schizophrenia. There was a landmark study led by Jon Urbana that had been published in Bloomberg and the Nature journal. This was published on Wednesday. There is a genetic pathway that may reveal exactly what it is, that goes wrong neurologically. This may be for those young individuals who get diagnosed with this life-shattering disorder.

A Potential for Early Detection
A year ago, there was not a way to use early detection for schizophrenia. There were not even any new treatments available. There is now a potential for the early detection of schizophrenia. Steven Hyman is the director of the Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research. He has made the claim that this current study on schizophrenia is quite significant. These new findings leave many in the psychiatric field feeling positive regarding the results and the new information. There has now been a breakthrough that enables the researchers to take a closer look inside of this disorder.

High Standards In Making Beneful Premium Dog Food

It’s only been a few weeks since we have switched the brand of dog food that we buy for our dogs, and I have some particularly interesting news to report to everyone about the well being of our dogs. It occurred to me and my wife that the premium brands of dog food would be a better pick than the lower cost, standard brands of dog foods after we found this article from the Daily Herald. My wife found it first, and she shared it with me via social media, and I encourage all of you to share it with your loved ones who own pets. It turns out that premium brands of dog foods are actually worth the price since they are spending more money on the production of their products.
Quality You Can Trust
The reason we know to trust the high quality brands of dog foods is because the premium brands use rigorous standards in their practices in their facilities. They take more care to make their foods with high quality ingredients, and they have more pride in the food that they make for our animals. My dogs eat Beneful now that I know to buy premium brands. Beneful is made by Purina, so you know you are getting a brand that has been trusted by pet owners for a long time. I want to keep buying Beneful because they have so many products to choose from on the shelves. We picked up some Beneful Dry Dog Food Original for our dogs. It is made with real chicken. They also have some made with real beef, and another is made with salmon. I think we’ll try them all because our dogs love to have new tastes in their bowls. They also have 20 different kinds of the wet food that they make for dogs. The wet food is called Chopped Blends, and it looks and smells really great. I have honestly never smelled dog food that good. Anyone who wants to read the article from the Daily Herald about premium foods, here it is: