Dog Food Companies Want to Make It Feel Like Thanksgiving Every Day

It’s hardly unusual for gourmet food company executives to sample some of their product. And it’s not all that surprising for them to comment on the fact that their great meals make it taste like thanksgiving with every bite. But it is surprising when that’s in the context of a dog food manufacturer. However, a recent report from Facebook showed that this sentiment might become more common. And the reason is that more and more dog food companies are pushing for healthier and fresher products. The Daily Herald went on to talk about the fact that an interest in healthy eating is moving from humans and onto the furrier members of the family. The same people who want to have fresh organic meat on their plate have begun to realize that their pets deserve the same. In fact, that desire for a shared experience has even led to items such as lasagna and beef stroganoff made specially for dogs and mottos that “he’ll have what you’re having”. But interestingly enough, this shouldn’t really be considered a new trend. A few companies caught on to the special needs of people’s canine companions far earlier on. One of the most notable of these is Beneful. The high quality dog food brand has always pushed for the idea of only using the freshest ingredients. One of the biggest claims to fame for Beneful comes from the fact that the ingredients in every meal are so readily apparent. A person would expect a chicken and vegetable dinner on his or her own plate to be easily identified as such, And in the same way Beneful has long maintained that the ingredients in their dog food should be able to speak for themselves. A chicken and vegetable blend in a Beneful brand of dog food will actually have the ingredients visible to the naked eye. Beneful has also maintained another similarity with human food in their dog food. The company is well aware that people would balk at the idea of eating even the best meal every single day. As such, Beneful extended that same idea to dog food. They took that dedication to natural and fresh ingredients and applied it to a huge variety of different tastes. As such it’s easy to provide a full range of tastes to satisfy the mind and body of any dog.

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