Get The Wengie Look

Having a “beat” face has become the new thing, but being able to “beat” your own is not as simple as it seems. If you are a social media user, rather you’re a guy or gal, you’ve certainly seen a few makeup tutorials while scrolling down your news feed. Paying someone else to do your […]

Don Ressler and A History of Working Together

Few entrepreneurs are able to point to a string of successes like Don Ressler has. Don Ressler has been able to build companies up and then sell them, enabling him to go from one success to another. His current success story is, a fashion site that encourages customer engagement. The fashions designed exclusively for […]

After Testing Out FreedomPop Services, I Love It!

I’m not someone who simply takes a person at their word because I need proof of what they are saying. I was given the advice to make the switch to FreedomPop by a family member, but I was very skeptical about switching because I had never heard of FreedomPop before. Needless to say, I did […]

Securus Technologies Points to GTL Wrongdoings in New Report

One of the leading providers of criminal technology solutions, Securus Technologies, announced that it will be releasing a series of explosive reports and findings that will shine the spotlight on multiple instances of integrity breaches by top inmate communications provider Global Tel Link. Over the coming six months, Securus will be releasing a number of […]

Kate Hudson Presents Fabletics

For individuals who are looking for a new comfortable way to move around the house, try Fabletics which have been carefully designed to offer comfort in an everyday situation. These new designer outfits make any look now look comfortable and wearable when doing day to day activities such as grocery shopping or picking up children […]

Wen by Chaz brings an added shine

For those who take time to get ready for their day by putting style in their hair each morning, the WEN Hair Cleaning Conditioner is the go-to product. In Bustle’s article “I Used Cleansing Condition On My Fine Hair & Here’s What Happened,” Emily McCure acknowledges the benefits of Wen’s conditioner. WEN Cleansing Conditioner is […]

George Soros And Philip Diehl, Why America Should Invest In Gold And Other Precious Metals

U.S Money Reserve is one of the world’s largest private distributor of the government issued platinum, silver and gold products. The company was founded in the year 2001 and has gather hundreds of thousands of clients across the world. The company has strong team and the recent economy move assures investors that investing in precious […]