Eric Lefkofsky Participates in Fight for Cancer

As the year’s pass, cost of health care has been increasing. Patients intense demands, and costly attention have contributed to the higher medical care. As reported in JAMA, growth in population and getting aged can as well result in the spending cost. According to Joseph Dieleman, the study leader, medical costs for different diseases depend on various factors.

For instance, during the period of study, diabetes recorded the most significant increase of $ 64 billion annually with $40 billion spend on medication. Each factor analyzed has an impact on the increased medical care charges. Dieleman, mentioned aging, pharmaceuticals usage, diabetes prevalence and population growth as some of the cost factors in the US healthcare upsurge.

Neck pain and low back recorded an increase of 8.5% for the inpatient care, with an annual spending of $57 billion. Regardless of reduction in medical expenditure summing up to $201 billion, the inpatient cost for all illnesses increased by $439 billion from $258 billion per annum. The efforts to reduce medical spending has not fully impacted as projected.

According to the director of Centre for Health Policy Peter Bach, pharmaceuticals are not a significant reduction of cost. The costly drugs, prescribed to patients to prevent hospitalization, is not a crucial factor in medical care spending. Cost breakdown would aid researchers in analyzing the specific spending factors.

Eric Lefkofsky

Born on 1969 September 2nd and an American businessman, Eric Lefkofsky is a co-founder of Tempus. He chairs the technology company known to be at the forefront in fighting cancer. The entrepreneur traded carpets at the University of Michigan. In collaboration with his colleague Brad Keywell, they co-founded Brandon Apparel after the completion of law school. They later founded Echo Global Logistics, in 2005 a freight and logistics business. Eric invented Starbelly, a technology company that aimed at products advertisement.

Eric Lefkofsky is an investor who has participated in the formation of Mediaocean, Inner Workings, Uptake technologies, and LightBank. He launched a family Foundation in 2016, that is aimed at supporting educational, scientific and charitable institutions. The focus of this foundation is on children and has offered support to over 50 organizations. The charity center is under the management of Lefkofsky family.

Beneful Leads Other Competing Dog Food Products

Beneful is a brand of dog’s foods produced by Nestle Purina PetCare Company. The product was established in 2001 and is distributed worldwide. Beneful products are produced as hearty chunks of high nutritional ingredients. The brand provides healthy 8 different flavors for consumers to choose from.

Beneful is suitable for dogs with special nutritional requirements as it is available in different varieties including vegetables and meats thus meeting the nutritional need of your dog. Beneful is similar to stew. Its unique packaging designs allow individuals to feed their pets wherever they are as the containers also act as serving bowls.

As stated by an individual from the company, the term “Beneful” stands for “full of goodness”. The product is among the most popular dog products worldwide attracting a large sum of revenue to the company. The product is recognized as healthy and suitable for all dogs including puppies, overweight and small pets.

What You Should Do in Readiness for Lifeline Screening

How to prepare for a lifeline screening

The preparation and clothing one need to wear when going for a screening vary depending on their conditions. For those being screened for Carotid artery disease, they are required to wear a short-sleeved shirt that is open at the collar. Atrial fibrillation patients should wear a comfortable two-piece outfit comprising loose clothing. Additionally, they should not wear pantyhose, a watch and oil or lotion. They are also required to keep their cell phone switched off.

Anyone coming for abdominal aortic aneurysm screening should wear two-piece clothing consisting of loose outfit that is comfortable. Individuals should fast for four hours before screening. Even the meals that one ate four hours ago should have been light, preferably half the portion that they normally eat. The food should also consist of non-gassy food. For those on medication, they should take it as prescribed prior to screening, and those who have diabetes should continue with their diabetic care plan.

Screening for ankle-brachial index or peripheral arterial disease requires one to wear relaxed two-piece clothing that is loose. The top should be a short-sleeved blouse or shirt. One is also prohibited from wearing pantyhose. One does not need to do any preparation for hs-CRP or elevated C-reactive protein. However, screening for complete lipid panel or high cholesterol requires fasting for twelve hours before the procedure.

For those who require screening for glucose or type2diabetes, fasting for twelve hours before the procedure is advised. Anyone requiring screening for bone mineral density or osteoporosis risk should not wear pantyhose, while those going for elevated liver enzymes screening do not need to do anything before the procedure.

What to expect during a life line screening

Every Life Line Screening utilizes painless and non-invasive ultrasound. Even the process of blood screening needs a few blood drops and a non-complicated finger-stick. The screening needs slight or no preparation, unlike other screenings that require hours of fasting.

Benefits of getting a lifeline screening

Chronic diseases such as diabet es, heart diseases, and cancer, contribute seven in every ten deaths in America every year and use about seventy-five percent of what the nation spends on health. Chronic disease may be prevented through a close corporation with healthcare groups or detection through proper screening when they can be treated best. For instance, carotid artery disease identified using life line screening may be a forecaster of a heart attack or stroke.

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USHEALTH Group, Employing Innovative Techniques to Provide Flexible and Affordable Insurance Plans

USHEALTH Group is a family of companies based in Fort Worth, Texas, and dedicated to offering high-quality and innovative health coverage policies. The organization hosts several licensed health and life insurance companies which collectively work to provide a full portfolio of policies and plans tailored to suit their clients’ specific needs. USHEALTH Group has been in the industry for half a century now. With this experience, the company has shown excellent performance in terms of flexibility, affordability, and security. Statistically, the USHEALTH Group prides in achieving to serve over 15 million customers since it commenced its operations.

The USHEALTH Group has channeled most of their services to a path of perfection with the availability of several coverage alternatives which includes coverage for Critical Illness, Accident Insurance, Dental Coverage, Sickness Coverage, and Short-Term Disability Income Insurance. The company has a primary management arm, Freedom Life Insurance Company of America, which works with the National Foundation Life Insurance to ensure that all subsidiaries are run smoothly and are rendering their services aptly. They work together as one family to offer innovative solutions in the insurance sector. Their services attract an array of clients ranging from small business owners, families, and even individuals.

The company is aware of the variety of needs their clients have with the consideration that every client is different. Therefore, a customer is presented with all available plans and given the opportunity to settle for what exactly suits their wants. The company’s customer care is always standby in clearing the air for the clients if need be such that at the end of the day, one is satisfied that whatever they settled for is tailored to serve them appropriately. This gives the company the challenge to come up with suitable alternatives which could easily cut across all walks of life.

Flexibility is always a major target meant to ensure that the policy innovated is reliable and affordable to the clients. This ensures that even a customer on a limited budget or one who is worried about reaching an extreme annual deductible before benefiting from an insurance plan is fully taken care of. USHEALTH Group provides a platform that issues first dollar benefits for substantial network and services issued. The company offers discounts that cut across the broad spectrum of providers which eventually makes their plans convenient and therefore more affordable. With these strategies in place, they are able to achieve what most comprehensive plans have failed to while still offering the best services. USHEALTH Group has managed to build long-term loyalty relationships with their customers who have turn out massively over the years. Visit:

The Whitney Wolfe Connection to Social Media

People that know Whitney Wolfe will not be surprised by the way that she has managed to create a very important business structure. Whitney Wolfe is someone that has managed to help people build better relationships.

Wolfe is someone that has started getting lots of accolades for her social media presence. She has managed to take one app and morph it into three different concepts. Few people have been able to do this, but Whitney Wolfe is the entrepreneur that sees the value in compartmentalizing.

Bumble is the company that she started, but she realized that there was going to be a need to branch off into different sections for dating, friendship building and networking. These are all separate things, and people get to switch seamlessly between the different compartments all with one Bumble user account.

Anyone that may be wondering why Whitney Wolfe is becoming as popular as she is should just take the time to look at the way that she has ingrained her company into all these different aspects of social media. Whitney Wolfe has managed to take one company and do what multiple apps like Facebook, LinkedIn and MeetMe are doing. These are apps that have become popular with people for different reasons, but Whitney Wolfe knew that she had the ability to engage people with Bumble even if she did not fully commit to anyone type of app environment.

Now that she has gained all of this popularity it seems only right that she would look for ways to stay innovative and keep people talking about the company that she is building. In order to do this Whitney Wolfe realized that she would have to put time into looking at what the other app developers were doing.

Whitney Wolfe would find herself in a place where she could easily stay on top by creating a platform that looked familiar to other companies. Whitney Wolfe did not want to be someone that started an app that was unrecognizable to people that were utilizing social media. This is why she took the chance to integrate features from other apps like Snapchat and Tinder. She wanted to create a new experience for users, but she also wanted them to have a sense of familiarity with what she was trying to do. Whitney Wolfe has many to created a great company because she paid attention to social media users.

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Eric Lefkosfky Uses Data at Tempus to Cure Cancer

Tempus co-founder, president and chief executive officer, Eric Lefkofsky is very passionate about finding cure and treatment for cancer. Tempus uses advanced technology to come up with more effective ways of fighting this malignant disease. Eric Lefkofsky also established other technology companies such as Uptake Technologies which he launched alongside other co-founders.

Mr. Eric is also a generous giver who cares about the needs of the people in the society. This made him come up with an organization called Lefkosky Family Foundation which he co-founded with his beloved wife Liz. This charitable organization has been functional since 2006. Basically, the couple’s aim was to change the livelihoods of many people who are not able to make ends meet and since are not in a position to provide daily bread for their families.

Most importantly, Eric Lefkosky learned the need to dig deep into cancer when he couldn’t bear the suffering of a loved one due to this life-threatening disease. Recently, the Dartmouth researchers have come up with a study that provides a better approach towards cancer. The study has revealed that the cancer genes exist within our bodies and the different alterations and mutations that occur within the DNA increases risks of suffering from the disease.

He has merged the University of Chicago and Tempus in the quest for finding treatment for cancer with the use of data. Eric performs cancer sequencing for cancer patients at his technological laboratories at Tempus. He then sends feedback to the oncologists at the university who analyze these results hence recommending effective treatment. Eric’s venture is actually not money oriented but mostly aiming at providing love and care for these cancer patients. His staffs have proved to be very compassionate as well.

The study was majorly based on causes of lung cancer among many smokers. Being that the risks involved are related to Single-Stranded Polymorphism, SNPs, scientists have manipulated the structures and altered their functioning to make biomarkers.

The data obtained in the analysis of the functioning of the genes and the physical properties of these smokers originated from OncoArray Consortium. The advantageous bit of this study is that researchers can use these SNPs to classify the symptoms and the consequences that smokers get themselves into. This has made it easier for them to understand the various types of cancer hence leading to advanced and quality diagnosis.

As a result, cancer patients are now exposed to a variety of treatment options depending on the stages of the lung cancer. This discovery provides hope for a better understanding of the disease in the near future.

The Success of CEO Rick Smith Securus

Rick Smith remains a prolific member in the society. He has done tremendous achievements in his move towards ensuring revolutionalization of the community. Rick presently holds the CEO position in the Securus Technologies Company. The organization focuses on upgrading functions of prison activities through provision of symmetrical information flow. Rick has also served for 11 years in the Eschelon firm under various capacities. He served as Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, President, and CEO. These are sound positions that reveal his enormous zeal and determination towards ensuring organizational excellence.Mr. Smith has strong academic qualifications that many associate them to his good leadership qualities he fosters in any organization he serves. Rick holds Associate degree that he acquired from Rochester Institute of Technology, Bachelor’s degree in Engineering (State University of New York), Buffalo as well Master’s in the faculty of Engineering from the same institution. Apart from the highlighted educational qualifications, Smith holds MBA from University of Rochester.

In his capacity at the Securus organization, Rick works hard to ensure improvement in the facilitation of proper functioning of prison activities. In his efforts, he tries to ensure that inmates are ever in pace with the world dynamics. In this concern he always works hard to ensure they acquire relevant skills and expertise similar to the outside world people. He ensures proper mechanisms are set in place limiting the prisoners from misusing the provided technologies. The availability of phones, Rick has helped inmates communicate to their loved ones helping them suffer less from any separation influences. The availability of email features has aid in increasing information flow between the inmates and their people in the external world. This is a great milestone towards ensuring the inmates have a positive picture of the developments ad growths happening in the world despite their absence.

The legacy of Mr. Smith has spread over the world due to his core determination in stimulating positive impacts on the lives of many has shown above. Rick is known for giving priorities to the appropriate aspects that give competitive advantage to the functioning of organizations. His core motive remains serving the company’s customers in the best way possible to ensure immense satisfaction. Many people admire Mr. Smith’s formula and strategies of operations since they are always associated with success.Rick has served as a board member of the Eschelon Telcom Inc and currently a member of the Integra Telcom Co Ltd. His insights play a core role in the mentorship of many youths. Rick values the existence of competition in the effort of giving customers value for their money. In line with this ideology, he always ensures continuous innovation and strategy redefinition to enhance prosperity of the Securus entity.

A closer look at MB-2 Dental:

MB-2 Dental is an large dental practice type development firm. MB-2 Dental was created by skilled and experienced dentists looking to develop as well advance their career by performing a variety of dental services to patients throughout the country.

MB-2 Dental provides dentists with the new growth as well as ownership opportunities within the industry. In addition, experienced and ambitious dentists will gain clinical independence as well as additional experience practicing dentistry. Finally, MB-2 gives a skilled dentist the opportunity to earn exceptional income and at the same time meeting new and exciting people.

MB-2 currently has offices in six states. The company’s main headquarters is located in Carrollton Texas. MB-2 Dental has an exceptional leadership team including Dr. Chris Villanueva and Justin Puckett.

Dr. Villanueva is the original founder as well as CEO of the organization. Dr. Villanueva has extensive experience practicing dentistry as an associate dentist. In addition, Dr. Villaneuva has 10 years experience as an Dental Director. This dentist enjoys practicing dentistry as well as learning and understanding the business side of running a successful dental practice. Dr. Villaneuva is a valuable asset to MB-2 Dental. He is a graduate of the University of Florida Dental School.

Justin Puckett is currently the President of MB-2 Dental. Mr. Puckett has extensive training and experience within business management as well as law. Mr. Puckett has a degree in Accounting and Law. He did practice law for a number of years however, he seemed to enjoy learning about the field of dentistry as well as the business aspect of running a dental establishment. Justin Puckett has exceptional leadership and management skills.

MB-2 makes certain that they employ only the most experienced dentists to become a part of their professional team. In addition, dentists are taught how to run a business which includes HR issues, any legal problems that may arise, meeting certain compliance standards and building a long term relationship with their dental patients.

MB-2 Dental can help support your dental practice so that you meet your long term business and financial goals. The organization helps skilled dentists get back into the field of dentistry. However, MB-2 feels that it is important for a dentist to also learn how to run an effective dental practice from the ground up.

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Dr. Avi Weisfogel’s Endeavors in Sleep Disorder and Dentistry

A good night sleep is one of the best gifts that you should never deprive yourself. Quality sleep is instrumental in ensuring the body remains healthy as well as facilitating its well-being. Most importantly, enough sleeping hours give the body an opportunity to make any required repairs and rest. Doctors recommend quality sleep of at least six hours, failure to may affect a person’s appearance and health.

Sleep technology has recently become one of the most studied fields of science. Health professionals around the world have researched in this field, which has further aided studies into the connection between dental health and sleep disorders. The findings of these studies have significantly transformed the lives of numerous patients across the world.

Dr. Wesfogel is a renowned dentist with extensive knowledge in diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea and other related disorders. He founded Healthy Heart Sleep to fulfill his desire to share his expertise and skill earned in his over 20 years in the field. The channel has enhanced trading of ideas between specialists across the world who share the same vision. The doctor also runs a comprehensive health program that entails daily communication between specialists, patients, and researchers. To add to all his establishments is the Old Bridge Dental Care.

Dr. Wisfogel is also the founder of Unlimited Sleep Patient, another platform where physicians get to network and trade their skills and experiences. Through this platform, the doctor has provided mentorship to physicians, both young and old, in different parts of the world. His other brainchild, Dental Sleep Masters, has been effective in addressing a combination of dentistry and sleep disorder issues. During his free time, the doctor plays basketball. He is an active fan of the New York Knicks and follows world tennis events such as Wimbledon, the U.S. Opens, and the French Opens.


Oncotarget’s Pursuit for a Better Health

Oncotarget is a journal that publishes papers on a weekly basis depending on the necessity of them. Its mission is to expand the effects of scientific research through a perspective review, to ensure that experimental results are accessible widely and readily, to share unique discoveries and to apply the necessary clinical science to fight disease. Their ultimate goal is to ensure that people will enjoy life without suffering from any illness. The journal also looks at the bases behind modern and old therapies to improve their outcomes. Oncotarget popularity is rising significantly due to its prompt and perspective review. This review will increase the effects of its authors. The journal has specialized in microbiology, aging, pathology, oncology, immunology, neurotarget, neuroscience and much more. The medical journal was founded in 2010, and its editors in chief are Andrei V Gudkov and Mikhail Blogosklonny.

In microbiology and immunology part the journal deals with all areas of clinical research such as recognition of antigen, the proliferation of cells, inflammation, regulation of genes and clinical microbiology. Compared to other journals, Oncotarget immunology part has many advantages. These advantages are like the fast publishing of journals, and papers can also get transmitted by members of the editorial section and much more. In the aging section which also referred to as Gerotarget, it deals with the mechanisms and genetics of aging, diseases that are related to aging and pathways of signal transduction and more

Recently, the journal published an article about brain tumors in children. Through the section, it revealed that there is a possibility to cure brain tumors in children. In addition to this, they published an article about breast cancer in women and how it’s associated with an imbalance of bacteria in the breast. Through the material, they have also exposed the differences in the constitution of a bacteria in a woman who has cancer and a healthy woman.

In one of their recent journals by Mikhail Blagosklonny, it revealed that Sirolimus drug also known as Rapamycin has fantastic healing attributes. Firstly, he said that the drug could get used in curing people suffering from the hemolytic-uremic syndrome. Secondly, the drug can get used in healing lymphangioleiomyomatosis, a disease that infects women that are to conceive a child.