EOS Lip Balm: Flavor for All

While lip balm can do wonders for your skin, it can occasionally lead to irritated or cracked skin. Fortunately, EOS lip balm has started a line of lip balm with ingredients that lead to silky, consistent skin. Their spheres are designed to roll across your lip unlike other brands that require constant dabbing. This leads to an incredible feel that differs between shimmer smooth spheres, visibly soft spheres, and active protection smooth spheres. EOS lip balm is also known for a variety of flavors. Favorites include pomegranate raspberry, vanilla bean, and sweet mint for the organic smooth sticks. You can keep track of these flavors by the color of their shell; for example, the previous three colors use red, white, and green shells, respectively. For the traditional spheres, delicious flavors include medicated tangerine, summer fruit, and strawberry sorbet. There are no gimmicks or tricks. Your taste buds pick up the flavor while the lip balm goes to work on your chapped lips.

If you are a consistent lip balm user, consider a multi pack that includes three spheres of different flavors at once. EOS currently offers a winter holiday pack, but if you order online, it is possible to customize the flavors and size or your pack. Multi packs are awesome ways to experiment with new flavors and determine exactly what suits you the best. Look out for seasonal offers that combine old flavors and develop new ones based on customer feedback, https://www.amazon.com/Organic-Smooth-Strawberry-Passion-Honeydew/dp/B009QTDYYA. To participate, visit their website to fill out surveys on the latest flavors. After consecutive feedback, you may be eligible to win rewards or special deals only available to members. Lastly, keep in mind that the delicious flavors and natural motion of your lips make it possible to accidentally consume lip balm. While this is not intended, EOS’s products are harmless when ingested, and you do not have to worry about any side effects. Try out EOS lip balm today to find your own favorite flavor! The products are available on Well, Target and Walmart.

Go to www.evolutionofsmooth.com to get yours today! View the complete product gallery on the EOS Facebook page.

Talk Fusion Offers Families A True Means Of Connection

Every family that wishes to connect with loved ones far and wide may use Talk Fusion for broad video chats. Talk Fusion has been featured as a lovely alternative to phone calls, and it creates video links that allow families to see each other easily. A family that uses Talk Fusion may connect easily, and they may use multiple features to communicate. This article explains how they may speak using a simple piece of software.


#1: How Does Talk Fusion Work?


Talk Fusion has two features available to users for communication. The video chat feature ensures a large group of people may speak at once, and video emails may be created to send to family and friends. Family and friends may watch video emails as many times as they like, and video chats may go on for as long as everyone likes. The simplicity of the Talk Fusion system ensures everyone may join in, and even children may learn how to use the system.


#2: The Installation Of The System


The software may be installed on any computer at any time. Users may place the software on multiple computers to ensure they may speak when they like. Calling someone across the world becomes quite simple with the video chat feature, and a video email may be created using the camera on the computer. The camera on the computer connects directly to Talk Fusion, and the videos are stored just as any other email would be.


#3: Who Uses Talk Fusion?


Families may use Talk Fusion due to its simple design, and businesses may connect with employees using the same platform. Talk Fusion ensures a strong connection when everyone is on the line for a video chat, and the chats may be scheduled for future dates. Talk Fusion may be installed on every computer in an office, and a strong Internet connection is needed to keep the calls going.


Talk Fusion is lauded by businesses and families for keeping them connected, and it is quite important for every user to call or create emails when they wish to see the face of someone they adore.

Securus Technologies Helps Families Keep in Touch

Securus Technologies is a premier communication company that serves correction facilities. It avails its services to prisons within the United States. Friends and family members can make contact with their loved ones in correction facilities. What makes Securus services to stand out is the nature of love and care in their communication systems. Securus communication systems makes it possible for video visitations. During the festive holiday, inmates can contact their loved ones such as kids. While inmates may have to remain in the correction facilities, it doesn’t mean that they cannot have an enjoyable time with their family. Children that have reconnected with their parents have benefited from the program. Fathers can get an update on how their children are doing in school. They can learn how relatives are doing and assist them in the opening of gifts.


In a recent YouTube video titled Securus Family Communication during Christmas, Securus highlighted the benefits of the visitation program. The video showed a father calling his son during Christmas. He further witnesses his son opening a Christmas gift. Through the video program, a father enjoys a beautiful moment with his son. Such a particular moment is difficult to find. I find the video visitation technology as highly beneficial. A family can bond with their family during special and memorable days like Christmas.


Another unique service offered by Securus is the ability to make and receive calls. Through the use of the service, inmates can open up a prepaid account. It allows them to get calls from friends and family regularly. The next special service is the ability to have a virtual visitation from home. The visitation allows family members to communicate in real time. A web camera installed in the communication system has made this possible. Through the use of the communication system, family members have had a more personalized communication. When looking to receive the services, both inmates and relatives have to pay twenty-five cents. The amount is charge every minute for each call.


I find that the kind of services provided by the company as extremely critical. Securus specializes in communication equipment and solutions. Various members within the law enforcement community have benefited. The company provides effective technology communication services. Securus Technologies has always shown its commitment to help inmates and their family. While everyone wants prisoners to stay in jail, children need to grow with their dads and moms. There is no better way to make this possible than the video visitation service.


Marc Sparks Focuses on People

Marc Sparks is a person whom a person would look to when starting a business. He has been so poor that he used his gas credit card to purchase groceries at the gas station and yet never gave up hope. That hope allowed him to see beyond his current circumstances and build several successful startups, including Timber Creek Capital. Timber Creek Capital allows Sparks to help those who have the vision and a plan to see their entrepreneurial dreams come true.

This C average high school student did not go on to attend college but instead pushed himself into a worldly education. Most high school graduates do not get as far as college graduates but Sparks was able to because of that lack of fear. He realizes that “you can’t win them all” and plays the game anyways, knowing there are risks. Since starting Timber Creek Capital in 2000, he has been able to invest time and effort into companies such as Blue Jay Wireless, Cardinal Telecom, and Uncle Marc Food Delivery.

In his office that creates the businesses of tomorrow, Sparks makes sure that people his company has an open door policy. Three startup companies reside in his Dallas, Texas office where they are able to have an extensive incubation period. Using his knowledge, he realizes that environment and collaboration are a quarter of what it takes to succeed.

When deciding to move his company after fourteen years, he uses a dark windowed warehouse versus fifth avenue New York City as an example of the feeling a person gets about their job. And being able to talk to him in real time- or as he calls it Spark time- means they get more one on one with a visionary in the entrepreneur world.

His desire to invest in people extends beyond Timber Creek Capitals though. He recently wrote a book titled “They Can’t Eat You” that inspires people not just through his successes but also through his failures, reminding people that failure means they took a chance.

He also donates to companies around Dallas, such as the American Can! Academy, a magnet high school in Dallas. Their “Sparky Kids” foundation gives at-risk teenagers a computer in order to help break poverty. He donates time at the Samaritan Inn, a homeless shelter, and has helped build a dozen homes with Habitat for Humanity.

During his free time, Sparks enjoys outdoor activities and traveling. Marc Sparks is leading the way in helping change a city and a nation.


EOS Lip Balm Outlasts The Competition By Appealing To All 5 Senses

Let’s be honest; the lip balm market is overly saturated. There are tons of lip balms to choose from, some famous and others more generic. For a lip balm to stand out these days, it’s got to be uniquely special and able to go against the traditional giants like Chapstick.

Evolution of Smooth, better known as EOS, was one brazen company which decided to defy the traditional lip balm tube form, and that has really made all the difference. EOS came on the scene packed into small, round pastel orbs. No one had ever seen anything quite like it. EOS lip balm is a major success story in a very competitive beauty market, and here’s how the young brand achieved celebrity status.

In an exclusive interview with FastCompany.com, we learned that three businessmen, Sanjiv Mehra (managing partner), Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky put their heads together 10 years ago, aware that there was a good chance of re-branding the lip balm market. Apparently, balms were household essentials but had not changed significantly in a number of years. The trio believe they could revolutionize the stale lip balm market.

The businessmen knew that lip balm was enjoyed by both sexes, but women dominated the sales and had specific ideas about the perfect lip balm. Their research showed that women were always losing their balm in the bottom of their bag and didn’t like using their fingers to apply a balm.

Mehra and his co-founders decided to re-think the lip balm and design a product that would engage all five senses. That’s when EOS was born. It featured a soft round orb that felt good to hold, eye-catching colored pots, great scent, yummy unique flavors and even a delightful clicking sound when the orb closes. The products are now being sold online at Luckyvitamin and Ulta. Also check out, http://www.ebay.com/bhp/eos-lip-balm.

EOS is cute, nourishing and intelligently packaged.


Don Ressler’s and Co-CEO Adam Goldenberg Take Renown Brands JustFab and Fabletics to Another Level

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg combination are a clear testimony of what teamwork can do. The Techstyle company, led by the duo, has four subscription based brands including Fabkids, ShoeDazzle, JustFab, and Fabletics. The fashion icon is a market leader with a growth of up to 4 million VIP members in just six years.

Techstyle Fashion Group Ltd. growth is largely attributed to the exemplary leadership of the co-partners. The company started in March 2010 by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg who struck a unique bond after the meeting. Adam founder of Intermix met Don who had sold his company FitnessHeaven.com to generate $ 1 Billion in sales and raised capital for other businesses.

Adam and Don Ressler started their business in 2006 and later established several brands in health and beauty. The pair then decided to merge cutting edge fashion with social behaviors to create a customized online venture.

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With the intentions and determination to change the customer experience, Don and Adam were set to make online fashion fun, highly social and engaging. This led to the idea of creating a personalized platform, hire designers and consultants and come up with pocket-friendly subscription models. JustFab, a style community that through subscription of only $39.95 monthly, members receive accessories, handbags and shoes custom made to their taste came up.

“Unlike what some critics think, we just don’t ship out bags, shoes, and accessories on a monthly basis, we keep engagement high and changing subscription model. We offer style boards and show women how to wear every item,” said Don.

Though Adam and Don Ressler knowledge of fashion were limited, they picked a great team. The inclusion of Kimora Lee Simmons, a fashion icon, and a successful business woman was a great decision. Kimora joined the company as the creative director and president.

Matrix’s Josh Hannah joined the company as an investment partner as the establishment was extremely successful. Josh fitted perfectly in the puzzle and brought with him a wealth of experience and trail of success. In 2011, Matrix invested $ 33 million into the company and a further $76 million in 2012 from Intelligent Beauty, Rho Ventures, and Technology Crossover Ventures.

TechStyle has its headquarters in El Segundo, a convenient location with a perfect climate. The sunny weather, sparkling coasts and chill vibes compliment the trendy fashion pieces. Los Angeles is a perfect location that is easily accessible.

Read about Goldenberg and Ressler’s teamwork on the TechStyle blog
Read an interview of Don Ressler on Brandettes

What You Need to Know about SEC Whistleblower Attorneys

Many people these days are concerned about the appropriate and legal methods of investment companies and their representatives and pay close attention to rules and regulations set down by the Securities and Exchange Commission or SEC. We often see cases of impropriety reported in the newspaper.


Investing your money with a company comes with certain risks and it is important to understand what they are and how that can affect your future savings and retirement income. No one likes to lose money. If you are working with a firm that you feel may have been skirting the rules, it may be time to consider talking to an SEC Whistleblower Attorney for advice. These individuals understand the regulations and can help you decide if this is something you wish to pursue further.


What the SEC Whistleblower attorney will do is listen to your complaint and evaluate whether or not you make have a case to report. This can save you a lot of time, money and heartache. These are serious matters and should be dealt with professionally. There is a significant website that will give you an overview of this type of situation and guide you through the process. You can access this website at http://www.secwhistlebloweradvocate.com/program/program-overview.


This site will provide you with a wealth of information with definitions, guidelines, and vital information. It can also be used to request an evaluation of your situation. A law was enacted in 2010 called the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act establishing a new Whistleblower Program. It is the first legislation since the Great Depression and changed the process for these important cases.


Also on the site is an SEC Insider’s Guide and SEC Whistleblower’s Handbook along with other valuable tools. Take the time to browse through the website and see if this is something you want to consider. It is vital to have someone experienced on your side.


Labaton Sucharow was the first SEC Whistleblower lawyer firm to create a team just to handle these specific cases. Look through their heading for more detailed information and find out about the talented and experienced team members ready to help whistleblowers with their cases. They are prepared to represent domestic (US) and international clients. The firm is led by Jordan A. Thomas, formerly employed by the SEC where he was instrumental in developing the Whistleblower Program and legislation. Their offices are located at 140 Broadway, New York, New York, 10005 or you can call them at (212) 907-0700.


The goal of the whistleblower is to correct and report a process that is not following the rules and to protect investors from fraud. It is up to each of us to understand who we are dealing with and make sure that the correct rules are being applied and followed. Do not be afraid to speak up. Contact Labaton Sucharow today if you have a concern and request an evaluation. You may even find an answer to your question in their information.

How to Have a Personal Social Media Account without Hurting Your Business

For you to build a strong online reputation as a business owner, you have to work hard. Moreover, we have seen that we can go viral through the things we post on social media and online. While those posts may not concern your personal media platform, they are required to make one headline to ruin your online business reputation management.

For this reason, it is important to have both a personal social media platform and a business account. You must protect your business from your personal issues. For this reason, your opinions in your private social media cannot leak to the other media platforms. Moreover, you should moderate your words carefully. This is an act of entrepreneurship. If you run a business, here is a few options for having a personal social media account.

Don’t post on your business account

This applies to your personal accounts. You must never post on your social media account. For this reason, you will keep away any negative impact caused by a moderate position in your account. Moreover, possible retaliations in online reputation directed towards you will fail dramatically. Be aware that the public has access to your social media pages. For this reason, take control of what you have to post. Your company can have permanent reputation damage if you post negatively on your social media. People are very sensitive. You are required to design what you need to post. Moreover, you should never link your business with your social media network.

Keep it protected

You should also lock down all your personal social media accounts to have them protected. If you have negative comments on your personal social media accounts, it is time you changed your tactics. Any negative information leaking to social media affects your reputation. Therefore, keep your Facebook accounts locked from public viewing in Google search. However, this is a not a permanent solution to your online reputation management. Your information can be shared by a member of your circle. For this reason, you must look for superior ways of dealing with your online reputation management. Involve yourself in activities that promote good ratings online.



Handy Helps To Keep My Small Motel Clean

I run a small motel that has ten rooms and a lot of customers. Most people never stay for more than a day, which means that I have to have someone clean the rooms on a daily basis. I have three different cleaning persons that swap their schedules with one another to make sure the rooms stay clean, but one of them quit for an unknown reason, so I needed another employee. I didn’t have time to hire someone because the rooms needed cleaning the next day, so I chose to work with the Handy.com to do the cleaning.

It seemed very strange for me to hire such a popular company to clean motel rooms, but they don’t object to doing such deeds, especially since the work is all in a single room, except for the bathroom. I require that the bathrooms are cleaned thoroughly as well as the floors being vacuumed, and as far as fixing the bed goes, I let the other cleaning persons do it as part of their daily job. I thought that hiring Handy to do the work would cost too much, but when I factored everything in, it was actually cheaper to have Handy do the work for me.

I like my two employees, or I would have let them go and only use Handy services. I’ve had a Handy employee come out week after week for months now, and they’ve always done an excellent job home cleaning NYC rooms, and in fact, they are doing a better job than my regular workers. Since Handy only has professional workers, I’ve had to tell my two regular workers to take a page out of the Handy employee’s book because they are doing everything that they are supposed to when they clean any single room.

I showed each worker how the Handy employee had vacuumed the floor thoroughly as well as cleaning every corner of the bathroom and cleaning the windows. My workers tend to slack at times, so having them learn to clean better by watching the Handy employee perform their duties was very informative for them and has improved their performances. I still continue to have Handy come in to clean the rooms, and should any of my workers choose to move on to another job, I’ll just hire more Handy employees because they have proven that even a large company like Handy can still have some very professional workers.

Reputable and Dedicated

Receiving accreditation from a reputable source such as the Better Business Bureau is a big deal, especially for a technological corporation such as Securus Technologies. The information technology firm, which is based out of Dallas,Texas, was recently given a rating of an A+ by the Bureau, which makes it a highly rated and prestigious presence in the technology industry. When asked about what this means for Securus, the Senior Vice President of Operations for the organization, Danny de Hoyas, said that their relationship with the Better Business Bureau has successfully prepared them to make revolutionary strides towards reaching new goals with their customers.


Securus Technologies focuses primarily on providing excellent service and products to its niche selection of customers, which are currently incarcerated individuals serving time for past mistakes within the United States prison system. These consumers are often times ignored by other companies as lost causes, but Securus Technologies have successfully identified them as reliable and loyal customers who they wish to accommodate. Securus does this in a number of ways, providing high quality communication products designed to make communication between the inmates and their family members a much easier process. One form of technology developed by Securus is a free downloadable application, which is available on both Android and Apple devices and allows the customer to communicate through seamless streaming video chat. This prodfuct allows the inmate and their family members to bypass normal visitation periods and interact virtually for less time and from any location, making it extremely convenient and useful.


Securus Technologies is a company that is dedicated to providing high levels of service and products to their customers, which means that they will go leaps and bounds beyond the normal scope of what is required of them to meet these goals.